Copper Pyramids for Meditation, Healing and Staying Grounded.

Copper Pyramids for Meditation, Healing.

Welcome to Inner Fire Pyramids. We build copper pyramids for meditation and healing. Meditators worldwide choose our pyramids for their affordability, practicality and simplicity of design.

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Over 1000 pyramids to date.

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We are a small, family-based business with roots in the early new age movement and harmonic convergence of the late 80s. We started offering pyramids online in 2011. Our customers are drawn to meditation, yoga, energy work, and healing— and pyramids! They love their pyramids. In appreciation, they’ve left us hundreds of five-star pyramid reviews.

Most Popular Pyramids

Copper pyramids for meditation, yes, however pyramids energize and enhance any activity that involves centering, grounding or deep healing (whether alone or with others). For many, copper pyramids become an energetic sanctuary for the practice of self-healing, chakra balancing, reiki, and massage.

Choosing a Pyramid

You may already be clear on what it is you’re looking for in a pyramid. If not, we’ve isolated two essential questions that may help. These two questions relate to:  1) the nature of the energy (which is generated by the slope– Giza or Nubian); and 2) size (which will depend on what you intend to do inside the pyramid).

  • Criteria / Corresponding Question
    • Slope  creates a type of energy.   Q:  What do I want to work on?
    • Size  allows space for practice.   Q:  How do I want to work on it?

Example:  (1) I want to work on opening my heart. The Giza slope is associated with the heart chakra, so I’ll probably want a Giza pyramid. (2) My practice of choice is yoga, so I’ll need a pyramid with enough space to allow for that degree of movement.

Pyramid Slope and Size

To answer the first question on slope, you might consider learning more about the two slopes we offer, Giza and Nubian, and how their energies differ. Depending on what you are working on personally, one energy might be more suitable than the other.

More on Slope Differences

Once you have answered the question on slope (energy type), consider what types of postures or movements might work best for you to support that goal. If you intend to simply sit and meditate, then this greatly simplifies things. If, however, you would like to be able to lie down, stretch or practice yoga, then you will need more space.

Consider Floor Space

Another important thing to pay attention to is how much floor space (square feet) you have available. We’ve provided charts throughout that make clear each pyramid’s floor space needs. To take a closer look at our selection of sizes (for both Giza and Nubian), use the main menu above: Pyramids, etc.

More Help, if Needed

For any questions or concerns, try our FAQ and/or a list of articles of support. If you need help working this all out, feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.